Farkas’ Lemma

All along the endless hyperplane
seeking for eternal visions
In his brain the cone wide open
not knowing anything about strange decisions

Feeling emptiness by being filled with thoughts
heading forward to specify infinity
The definitions are taking turns
reaching the limit of ability

Farkas’ Lemma told you so
stay out of the cone
Farkas’ Lemma told you so
stay beyond the cone

Understanding oozing through the gaps of truth
forming answers to all the questions
When knowledge beckons the human heart beats fast
to reach the aim against all repression

To walk the path of this construction
an abstract thinking is required
The maze of logic is not for anyone
and languorously some might retire

Farkas’ Lemma …



Silent rejection whenever you see my face
but deep inside your glances burn
liquid release is running down my throat
deceitful warmth fullfills my bones

No place to rest, no home to stay
no life to live, no role to play
the fear of living day by day

No god exists that I can pray
society that I obey
the poison leads me to decay

Forging my will to stand this test of time
throughout the land search for my fate
sometimes I feel ephemeral hope in me rising but
expect my aim beyond the wall

No place to rest, no home to stay
no voice to hear, no word to say
all colors fading into grey

No god exists that I can pray
I can’t afford the price to pay
my low existance goes its way

a destiny right between your eyes.

Late Onus

scream to my dreaming but trembling mind
slumbering thoughts that I suddenly find
invisible memories breaking the seal
inbetween feelings that noone can heal

Drive in me
dive in me
deep in my brain all these malevolent forces
arise in me

I’m thinking back to find the truth
the cause is burried in my mind
I’m digging for it in my youth
I’m hoping that I’ll never find

faning the flames of the selfhate in me
searching for details that I cannot see
knawing and languishing greed for release
constantly held by this glowing disease

I’m thinking back to find the truth